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PW Jit Seng

Logo Design, Company Profile Design

PW JIT SENG PLASTIC MATERIAL SDN BHD (PWJS) was established in 1991 as a full-service industrial plastic recycling company with the aim of providing economic solutions for industrial plastic scrap problems and provide lower-cost alternatives to virgin plastic materials.

Logo Design PWJS
Explanation logo design PWJS

Using PWJS from each first letter of the company name easier to remember the brand name of the company. The logo is designed with the abstract alphabet “P” & “W”, with a leaf well place on it to bring up the eco and recycle message, and it is also using the natural color range which is blue and green.

Gold Stamping effect of logo design PWJS
name card mock up of logo design PWJS
factory view mock up of logo design PWJS
Company Profile Design of PWJS
Truck mock up of logo design PWJS
box mock up of logo design PWJS
mock up of logo design PWJS


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