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MV Lab logo design poster 1

MV Lab

Logo Design, Brand Identity Design

TMS LITE Laboratory is Machine Vision Provider which is a service company in the world that was established in 2021. Their services include lab tests, learning & training, and loan system.

To easily let the clients remember the new brand name, they have decided to call it MV Lab, which is short and legible. MV Lab logo is design with the concept of Vision, Youth, Fun, and Cyber. The main shape of the logo is an abstract combination of “M” and “V”, in the center negative space it also has a small circle to present as an eyeball or object to show the hidden machine panel related to the business industry.

MV Lab Logo Design
MV Lab Business Card Design
MV Lab logo design mock up 2
MV Lab signboard
MV Lab logo design mock up
MV Lab logo design poster