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Logo Design

Logo design is important as a key part of your brand. It is your business’s first point of contact with the public to build your brand awareness.

We listen to your idea
To design an appropriate logo for your brand, listening to your idea about your business and understand your company will inspire us as a guide to define your logo and branding design project.

Understand your target audience
Knowing who your target audience is will determine your logo personality and concept. The logo will reflect your brand values and is also capable connect to your target audience.

Logo Redesign

Logo designed in the past is probably not going to speak to clients nowadays. 

Redesign an appropriate logo to your brand and stay connected with your clients to reach new heights. 

Few questions to ask for considering redesigning your logo:

  1. Is your logo dated?
  2. Does your logo memorable and easy to recognize?
  3. Does your logo stand out from your competition?
  4. Does your logo scalable and works well for placing anywhere?
  5. Does your logo is too complicated to comprehend?

Corporate Identity Design

Corporate Identity Design is the visual component of a company. It will express and reflects your company positioning to the target audiences. And makes your company stand out from the competition.  

An effective identity design sets your brand’s tone and is also used to evoke specific feelings in your audience.

Brand Collaterals Design

Design a series of outstanding and well-targeted advertising designs that support the sales and marketing of your product or service, and help you effectively achieve the target in the market.

Brand Guide

A well-developed style guide is an important tool for establishing brand identity. It is essentially an instruction manual guide and rule book on your logo, typography, color, and imagery.