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Core it,
Brand it.

We Provide Professional Logo Design & Branding Design in Penang, Malaysia

The core inspiration of logo design.

We believe every business starts from the core idea before it turning to reality. Our duty is to study your idea and design it to life.


the basic and most important part of something

Logo design is important as a key part of your brand and helps build brand recognition because it is your business’s first point of contact with the outside world.

Brand identity is the visual component of a brand. It will represent and reflects a brand positioning. 

Design a series of outstanding and well-targeted advertising designs can help you effectively achieve the target in the market.

How does your brand look like?

Your logo is the face of your brand.

It builds the first impression on your clients before they get to know who you are. Therefore, it needs to be memorable, easy to identify and resonate with the target audience.

Let us take care of
your brand face.

We are experienced logo &  graphic designers for more than 17 years in Penang, Malaysia.

We will design a logo that appropriate and gains a competitive advantage to your business.