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Yellow Duck Logo Design

Yellow Duck Studio

Logo Design, Brand Identity Design, Website Design

Yellow Duck Studio is a rising newborn photography studio in Penang, Malaysia. The principles of Yellow Duck Studio are warm, harmonious, and joyful. Their mission is to help their client to keep the precious memory by the photo shooting section.

The brand name “Yellow Duck” is easy to remember by the client, and it also has a strong concept of childhood and joy. Without losing the concept, we designed a simple and bold duck symbol with yellow color as the logo that appropriates the brand name.

Yellow Duck Logo Design
Yellow Duck business card Design
Yellow Duck leaflet Design
Yellow Duck bunting Design
Yellow Duck billboard Design
Yellow Duck BRAND COLLATERALS t-shirt
Yellow Duck poster design
Yellow Duck Logo Design - Icon

Colorful abstraction icon was designed to represent each of their photography services and play as a part of the corporate identity system.

Yellow Duck catalog Design
Yellow Duck website design
Yellow Duck Logo Design on transport
Yellow Duck magazine ads